Story Submissions

Through our imprint, Seventy2One, we shall be publishing four chapbooks per year, in March, June, September and December. The first three are single author short stories, and publication is by invitation only. Details can be seen here

The fourth, the December chapbook, will be a little annual anthology of Christmas ghost stories, and submissions are open between the dates below for any writer, whether previously published or not, to submit a story on the theme.

The submission period is between Easter Sunday and 30th September.

Here are the rules!

The word count for stories is a minimum 1,000 words and a maximum 3,000 words.

Stories should be sent as a Word document to

Stories should be in Times New Roman and should be in 12pt, with 1.5 or double spacing.

Please save your file as the title of the story only.

Please address the subject line of your email as the title of your story and the chapbook edition you are submitting for. So ‘A Christmas Carol December 2022’

Please note that the number of stories appearing in the December chapbook will be governed by the stories chosen. Each chapbook in the series is 6,000 words. Therefore the December chapbook could be two x 3,000 word stories, six x 1,000 word stories or any permutation in between. The quality of the stories will decide!

Your story can have been previously published. Within reason. We’d prefer it not to have won a prestigious prize, or been featured in the Penguin Book of Ghost Stories, or similar. But beyond that, previously published is fine.

Only one submission per author, please.

Interpretation of the ‘Christmas Ghost Stories’ theme is open to the writer. You may wish to retell an old fable. You may decide that ghosts don’t exist and so give us your take on a spooky nativity. You may just set your story in the depths of winter and let the reader’s imagination do the rest. However you write it, if it sounds like a Christmas Ghost Story, then we want it. As Snow Patrol (winter band name, see?) said, ‘If it looks like it works and it feels like it works then it works.’

There is no entry fee or cost of submission. However, please also respect the fact that we are unable to enter into individual correspondence or dialogue about any entry. You submit, we decide, and that’s about it. Inclusion into the December chapbook will be at the sole discretion of Massive Overheads Productions. Writers to be included in the December chapbook will be notified in October.

All chapbooks are sent to subscribers to the Seventy2One chapbook series. At time of writing, subscription rates are £18 a year or £1.50 monthly, mainland UK only, inclusive of postage. Subscriptions from territories outside the UK can be made by special arrangement. Certain chapbooks may be made available individually, although this cannot be guaranteed.

The authors of the chosen stories will grant to Massive Overheads Productions/Seventy2One the right to publish their story in print once only, and online in perpetuity. Massive Overheads Productions shall acknowledge the author(s) of the stories in the event of any publication. Three copies of the December chapbook in which the story appears shall be sent to any author appearing within it.

Any questions, find us on Twitter at @massivoverheads and ask away. Or you can email us at the above address, but please note that we may take longer to get back to you via email as the address isn’t monitored every day.

We wish you a very Spooky Christmas and good luck!