The Massive Overheads Productions’ imprint is called Seventy2One. Formed to bring short novels, novellas, short story collections and other short works into the world. Note the word short. It’s important. Just as a great movie can be over inside two hours, so a novel should not resemble a house brick. Our maximum is 70,000 words. Our minimum requirement for a story is 1,000 words.

We publish literary fiction. That doesn’t have to mean impenetrable. It should mean work that has a certain depth, that delights in language, that has a soul. We like books which reflect the age in which we live. That are rooted in nature, the environment. Again, note the word like. It’s not an absolute. It’s a preference. We acknowledge that our preferences may be swayed by the sheer brilliance of a submission.

Submission opportunities will be rare. When they happen, they will be to a brief. They will welcome writers who might not fit a mould. We prefer you to be you. 

We will not be bringing out a new book every week. When something arrives bearing our name we intend that it will make a dent. No one said this will be easy. What it should be is worthwhile. 

Seventy2One. The books bit of Massive Overheads Productions. Loud voices in small volumes.